MPT Inc. – Microwave Products and Technology

The future is 5G.

MPT designs and manufactures advanced 5G MIMO solutions to prepare your products for the future.
Customize your product for new markets
Enhance your connectivity and range
Update your products for 5G

Companies without the right 5G MIMO solution in place will quickly fall behind.

When you need to talk 5G, in layman’s terms

Confused about 5G compliance or what it takes to meet the complex O-RAN standards? Our team of 5G experts can help.

MPT develops custom 5G MIMO solutions for wireless infrastructures.

We get it—You need the right engineering talent and resources to develop advanced 5G solutions.

We understand what it takes to create even the most complex 5G MIMO solutions. You need to get your product to market and we have the engineering talent and manufacturers to do just that. We’ve been developing custom solutions for wireless companies for 15 years. We specialize in the phased arrays and RF technology you need.

How our 4-step process gets you a better product, faster.

1. Baseline

We work together to outline the required features and capabilities of your product.

2. Breadboard

We’ll demonstrate the main hardware/firmware/software functionalities using a simplified version of your product.

3. Prototype

We’ll provide you with a prototype unit that functions exactly as your finalized unit will. This prototype can be used for qualification and customer samples.

4. Production

Product documentation is complete and your product will now transition from engineering to operations for manufacturing.

Technology is changing quickly. You need a partner who can help you keep up.​

You don’t have to hire your own internal engineers, try to design a complicated 5G solution on your own, or give up on the industry altogether. At MPT, we work with you to take your idea from napkin drawing to fully-functional product. Our process is simple and the solution is powerful.