MPT Capabilities

Our core capabilities include phased array components and subsystem for communication and radar. We provide world-class silicon germanium, gallium nitride, and gallium arsenide RF circuit design and packaging.

Circuit Simulation

Our design flow includes the use of circuit simulation in the time domain and frequency domain. 

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EM Simulation

Having the ability to use multiple EM simulators allows verification and comparison of simulation results.

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MPT team has developed integrated circuits in Silicon Germanium, GaAs (pHEMT), and GaN. 

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Lab Facilities

Our in house lab facility allows us to develop product, produce prototypes, and fabrications on a limited basis.

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Mechanical Design

Linear stress analysis, fatigue analysis, motion, and vibration analysis allows us to predict mechanical reliability.

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Thermal Simulation

Thermal simulations help ensure we provide solid products that meet reliability requirements.

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