MPT Inc. – Microwave Products and Technology


Our customers benefit from the ability to do quick in-house prototyping since this means we can react quickly to customer needs at a lower cost. 


Research and Development

Our in-house lab facility is used for our research and development. It allows us to develop product, produce prototypes, and to fabricate low quantity pre-production up to 10-20 units per week on a limited basis. It results in lower cost since we do not need to support a large production capability. For production, we transition our product to our qualified 3rd part production facility in the United States.

We own several vector network analyzers. Vector network analyzers are used to characterized the two port scattering parameters. We are able to perform connectorized and probe station scattering parameter measurements.

We own several spectrum analyzers. This allows us to verify frequency domain performance, check for oscillations, and to verify stability of circuits.

We are able to perform probe station measurements. This is especially important for integrated circuit testing for model development.

We have other standard lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, noise figure meter, frequency synthesizers, and power meters. This allows us to characterize microwave and millimeter-wave active and passive circuits.