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LEO Satellite Ground Station Phased Array Contract Win

(Mission Viejo, CA–March 4, 2020) MPT today announced that it was awarded a subcontract from a major ground station service provider to develop, produce, and deliver multiple S-Band Phased Arrays. “This contract win will demonstrate our ability to deliver multi-beam phased arrays,” said Dr. Rick Sturdivant, founder and President at MPT. Phased arrays are used to communicate with satellites and for radar systems.

“This phased array will be used to acquire, auto-track, and communicate with low earth orbit (LEO) satellites,” according to Dr. Sturdivant. This is important since phased arrays are used to communicate with satellites as they pass overhead from horizon to horizon. Electronically scanned phased arrays offer significant benefits over mechanically scanned phased arrays, such as reliability and multiple simultaneous beams.

Under this contract, MPT will deliver multiple phased arrays, each with two simultaneous beams. Delivery of this system is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020.


MPT specializes in phased arrays. It helps wireless and aerospace companies with their phased arrays using antenna AND electronics. MPT provides solutions from 0.5 to 50GHz. Its array solutions are appropriate for communication systems such as 5G and satellites as well as radar systems. For more information, visit

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