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MMIC technology designed and developed for your product.

Get the reliable, high-quality circuit solution you need for your wireless or aerospace product.
Built with high-quality materials
Designed and manufactured at our facility
Custom for your unique application

Working with multiple suppliers for your circuits and communications products is risky and inconvenient.

MPT specializes in the designing and manufacturing of MMICs for phased arrays and custom applications

Example of 3rd order intercept for amplifier.

Example Gallium Arsenide transistor structure

GaAs (pHEMT) for MMICs

MPT designs and manufactures advanced GaAs pHEMT MMICs for Phased Arrays point-to-point systems, wireless networks, and communication systems.

We have developed both face up MMICs and flip chip MMICs. The flip chip solutions are particularly useful for millimeter-wave applications where interconnection inductance from wire bonds can become too large. Flip chips can provide low inductance interconnect to 80GHz

Here are a few of the MMIC chips developed by the MPT team:
  • Freq: 7-11 GHz
  • Phase Control: 6 Bits
  • Amplitude Control: 5 Bits
  • Gain: 12dB
  • Conventional Face Up
  • Freq: 8-11 GHz
  • Output Power: 8W
  • Gain: 22dB
  • Conventional Face Up
  • Freq: 7-14GHz
  • Gain: 22dB
  • Noise Figure: 1.6dB
  • Freq: 30KHz-22 GHz
  • Output Power: 0.5W
  • Gain: 28dB
  • Freq: 30KHz-15 GHz
  • Output Power: 0.W
  • Gain: 11dB

GaN High Power Circuits

For high power amplifiers with greater voltage and higher power density, MPT designs and manufactures GaN Integrated Circuit solutions.

Since GaN is a wide band gap material, it can achieve reliable output power increases of five times higher than GaAs can achieve.

MPT’s GaN solutions allow functionality from L-band to Ka-band.

Here are a few of the MMIC chips developed by the MPT team:

Schematic symbol and example layout of gallium nitride (GaN) high-power amplifier (HPA)

We get it—securing the right MMIC solution is difficult.

We understand what it takes to create advanced circuit solutions. You need the right engineering talent, experience, and resources to develop a high-performance MMIC for your Phased Array or communication systems project. We have extensive experience developing custom solutions for Phased Arrays, point-to-point systems, wireless networks, satellites, radar systems, and more.

How our 4-step process gets you a better product, faster.

1. Baseline

We work together to outline the required features and capabilities of your product.

2. Breadboard

We’ll demonstrate the main hardware/firmware/software functionalities using a simplified version of your product.

3. Prototype

We’ll provide you with a prototype unit that functions exactly as your finalized unit will. This prototype can be used for qualification and customer samples.

4. Production

Product documentation is complete and your product will now transition from engineering to operations for manufacturing.

You need a MMIC development partner who can provide high-quality custom solutions for your project.

At MPT, we know that you want to expand into new markets. In order to do that, you need a circuit solution designed with your specific product in mind. But advanced design and manufacturing is complex and expensive. The risk of product failure is too high to handle development in-house.

We understand what it takes to develop complex technical circuit solutions. Over the past 15 years we’ve helped companies like yours create their ideal RF product to fit their complex needs. We’re offering you the opportunity to put our expertise to use for your next project.

So, schedule a call to get started. Outfit your project with the advanced MMIC technology it needs to succeed.