Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc., today announced that it received a contract from Harris Corporation to develop and produce a wide band microwave hybrid component for a communication system.

The component leverages the MPT ability for high levels of integration and electronic signal integrity in X-band and Ku-Band. “The component also fits into our product offerings for such as amplifiers, filter modules, and switch components,” said Dr. Rick Sturdivant, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at MPT. Another important aspect to this product is that it is scheduled to begin volume production early in 2020.

Dr. Sturdivant also commented that, “this product for Harris also demonstrates our commitment to support space qualified products and our focus on supporting phased array radar systems.” The company continues to develop products, subsystems, and systems for phased array radar and communication.

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Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc. is a company that supplies phased array components and systems. MPT develops solutions for the US Government in electronics and information security. Its electronics group provides communication and radar system products and services.