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Thermal simulations help ensure reliable operation of circuits by maintaining proper junction temperature of semiconductor devices. 


Meeting Reliability Requirements

How Our Customers Benefit From Thermal Analysis
We use solid works for our thermal simulation. To benefit our customers by reducing development cost and time, we have replaced much of the prototyping and testing for thermal design. Instead, we prototype and test to confirm our thermal modeling. This allows us to confirm the accuracy of our thermal models and to eliminate the cost and time involved in thermal design. Furthermore, this process allows our engineers to successfully predict product performance with easy-to-modify computer models.

How Proper Thermal Design Is Critical
Proper thermal design is critical for proper function of electronic products. System level design requires the use of cooling fans and heat sinks. At the same time, the cost and size of them must be optimized for each application to provide adequate heat removal. Further complicating the problem is the tight component packaging so common in modern systems.