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Phased Arrays
Like Never Before

Phased Array Radar Systems

Military Applications

MPT develops the highest quality solutions for the DoD and prime contractors. We specialize in communication systems and phased array radar. Low cost systems and subsystems are critical for the modern battlefield.

  • Digital Receivers
  • Down Converters
  • Phased Arrays
  • Transmit/Receive Modules
  • SSPA and More!
Our Technologies

MPT Advantage

We provide top quality results that improve your bottom line. You need expertise that meet your price and schedule requirements. We deliver so that you remain on schedule and on budget. When you need a solution now, MPT provides the engineering, program management, and technology you need. 

  • Top Quality Results
  • Affordable Solutions
  • On-Time Deliverables
  • Years of Expertise
Our Capabilities

"We make the best kind of technology, the kind that works!"

Whether they require standard or customized solutions, our customers know their needs will be met. When you need high quality solutions in the 1-100 GHz range, you know you will receive the right solution with a lower risk at the right time. 

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